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Subchapter 6. California High School Exit Examination. Article 3. California High School Exit Examination Administration Testing Variations/Accommodations/Modifications/Waivers. English Learners.   

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School districts shall provide identified English learner pupils or adult English learner students the following additional testing variations if regularly used in the classroom or for assessment:

(a) Flexible setting. English learners may have the opportunity to be tested in a separate room with other English learners provided that the eligible pupil or eligible adult student is directly supervised by an employee of the school, district, or nonpublic school, who has signed the Test Security Affidavit.

(b) Flexible schedule. English learners may have additional supervised breaks within a testing day.

(c) Flexible time. English learners may have extra time on the CAHSEE within a testing day.

(d) Translated directions. English learners may have the opportunity to hear the test directions printed in the test contractor's manual translated into their primary language. English learners may have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions about the test directions in their primary language.

(e) Glossaries. English learners may have access to translation glossaries (English to primary language and/or primary language to English). The glossaries are to include only the English word or phrase with the corresponding primary language word or phrase. The glossaries shall include no definitions, formulas, or parts of speech.

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