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Subchapter 6. California High School Exit Examination. Article 3. California High School Exit Examination Administration Testing Variations/Accommodations/Modifications/Waivers. Independent Work of the Pupil or Adult Student.   

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In administering the CAHSEE with accommodations or modifications pursuant to Section 1215.5 or 1216, school districts shall ensure that all CAHSEE responses are the independent work of the pupil or adult student. School districts, school district personnel, including scribes and nonpublic school personnel are prohibited from assisting any pupil or adult student in determining how the pupil or adult student will respond to each question, and are prohibited from leading or directing the pupil or adult student to a particular response, and from correcting, prompting or otherwise influencing a response.

Authority cited:

Education Code 33031


Education Code 60850

(Register 2010, No. 2.)