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(a) A school district that has been organized for more than three years shall be lapsed as provided in this article if the number of registered electors in the school district is less than six or if the average daily attendance of pupils in the school or schools maintained by the school district is less than six in grades 1 through 8 or is less than 11 in grades 9 through 12, except that for any unified district that has established and continues to operate at least one senior high school, the board of supervisors shall defer the lapsation of the school district for one year upon a written request of the governing board of the school district and written concurrence of the county committee. The board of supervisors shall make no more than three such deferments.

(b) For a new district that has been unable to provide the school facilities necessary for instructional services by employees of the school district to all of the pupils who are residents of the school district after five years from the date that the reorganization became effective, the county committee on school district organization, upon direction from the state board, shall initiate lapsation procedures pursuant to Section 35783 or revert the reorganized district to its original status.

(c) A school district may also be lapsed when there are no school facilities or sites on which to maintain any school in the school district.

(Amended by Stats. 2016, Ch. 186, Sec. 35.)