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(a) Federal and state funds appropriated or apportioned for the purposes of this article shall not be used to supplant funds currently expended by school districts for the purpose of administering or conducting staff development programs.

(b) Priority in funding shall be given to applicants who provide evidence of the following:

(1) Programs designed to strengthen clinical supervision skills of site administrators.

(2) Specific substantial district support to implement proposed administrator development activities.

(3) A high degree of collaborative planning of proposed activities among school principals, and between principals and central district administrators.

(4) A process to continue a high degree of collaboration among school principals and between principals and central district administrators in implementing, evaluating, and modifying development activities funded by this article and other state education programs.

(5) A direct relationship between proposed activities and specific school improvement goals developed pursuant to an existing or new process which involves principals, central district administrators, teachers, other school personnel, secondary students, and parents.

(c) Lowest funding priority shall be given to programs designed for the primary purpose of granting a degree or a credential to participating staff.

(Amended by Stats. 1983, Ch. 498, Sec. 40.)