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District Split Between Two or More Districts; Disposal of Records   

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If all the territory of a school district becomes part of two or more school districts of any type, and the inclusion in the two or more new or acquiring districts of the several portions of territory comprising the whole of the former district is effective for all purposes on the same date, the records of the former district shall be disposed of as follows:

(a) All records of the former district that are required by law to be kept on file shall be deposited with the governing board of the school district which, after the reorganization has become effective for all purposes, has located within its boundaries the former office of the superintendent of the original district.

(b) Records of employees shall be transferred to the school district thereafter employing the personnel or thereafter maintaining the last place of employment.

(c) Records of pupils shall be transferred to the school district that, after the date on which the reorganization becomes effective for all purposes, maintains the school in which a pupil was last enrolled.

(Amended by Stats. 2016, Ch. 186, Sec. 11.)