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County Superintendent Duties   

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(a) If all of the territory of a school district becomes part of two or more school districts of any type, and the inclusion in the two or more new school districts of the several portions of territory comprising the former district is effective for all purposes on the same date, the county superintendent of schools having jurisdiction over the former district shall assume responsibility for all of the following:

(1) Completing all records and reports of the former district.

(2) Paying all outstanding obligations, except obligations resulting from contracts that are to be assumed by a new or acquiring district.

(3) Preparing for proper filing all records of the former district required to be kept permanently by the provisions of any applicable code.

(4) Distributing records as provided in Section 35562.

(5) Employing an auditor as required in Section 41020.

(6) Discharging other functions that he or she deems necessary to the dissolution of the school district.

(b) In discharging these duties, the county superintendent of schools may request the services of employees of the original district or the new or acquiring district, and the new or acquiring districts shall release those employees to the county superintendent of schools for the purpose of accomplishing the requirements of this section. The salaries of those employees and all other necessary expenses of completing the requirements of this section shall be charged against the accumulated funds of the former district before the final distribution of those funds to the new or acquiring districts.

(Amended by Stats. 2016, Ch. 186, Sec. 12.)