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Governing Board Elections   

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Notwithstanding Sections 5000 and 35105, when the first elected board of any new district is elected on the same date that the election is held for adopting the proposal for the formation of the new district and when the terms of several members of the first governing board would expire before the date on which the school district becomes effective for all purposes, no election shall be held in November of that odd-numbered year, but the several members whose terms expire shall serve until April 30 of the next succeeding even-numbered year. A governing board election shall be held on the second Tuesday in April of that even-numbered year to fill the offices of the members whose terms expire on the April 30 next succeeding the election. The terms of office of the members so elected shall expire on the first Friday in December of the second succeeding odd-numbered year. Their successors shall be elected pursuant to Section 5000.

(Amended by Stats. 2016, Ch. 186, Sec. 9.)