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Occupation Safety and Health   

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(a) The division shall establish a program for targeting employers in high hazardous industries with the highest incidence of preventable occupational injuries and illnesses and workers' compensation losses. The employers shall be identified from any or all of the following data sources: the California Work Injury and Illness program, the Occupational Injuries and Illness Survey, the federal hazardous employers' list, experience modification and other relevant data maintained and furnished by all rating organizations as defined in Section 11750.1 of the Insurance Code, histories of violations of Occupational Safety and Health Act standards, and any other source deemed to be appropriate that identifies injury and illness rates.

(b) The division shall establish procedures for ensuring that the highest hazardous employers in the most hazardous industries are inspected on a priority basis. The division may send a letter to the high hazard employers who are identified pursuant to this section informing them of their status and directing them to submit a plan, including the establishment of joint labor-management health and safety committees, within a time determined by the division for reducing their occupational injury and illness rates. Employers who submit plans that meet the requirements of the division may be placed on a secondary inspection schedule. Employers on that schedule shall be inspected on a random basis as determined by the division. Employers who do not submit plans meeting the requirements of the division within the time specified by the division shall be placed on the primary inspection list. Every employer on the primary inspection list shall be subject to an inspection. The division shall employ sufficient personnel to meet minimum federal targeted inspection standards.

(c) The division shall establish and maintain regional plans for allocating the division's resources for the targeted inspection program in addition to the inspections required or authorized in Sections 6309, 6313, and 6320. Each regional plan shall focus on industries selected from the targeted inspection program as well as any other scheduled inspections that the division determines to be appropriate to the region, including the cleanup of hazardous waste sites. All targeted inspections shall be conducted on a priority basis, targeting the worst employers first.

(d) In order to maximize the impact of the regional plans, the division shall coordinate its education, training, and consulting services with the priorities established in the regional plans.

(Added by Stats. 1993, Ch. 121, Sec. 68.)