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Hazardous Substances; Duties   

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The information which manufacturers shall provide to their purchasers pursuant to the provisions of Section 6390 shall include the following, if pertinent:

(a) The chemical name, any common names, and the CAS number of the hazardous substance.

(b) The hazards or other risks in the use of the hazardous substance, including all of the following:

(1) The potential for fire, explosion, and reactivity.

(2) The acute and chronic health effects or risks from exposure.

(3) The potential routes of exposure and symptoms of overexposure.

(c) The hazards or other risks of exposure to the combustion products of the hazardous substance.

(d) The proper precautions, handling practices, necessary personal protective equipment, and other safety precautions in the use of or exposure to the hazardous substance, and its combustion products.

(e) The emergency procedures for spills, fire, disposal, and first aid.

(f) A description in lay terms, if not otherwise provided, on either a separate sheet or with the body of the information specified in this section, of the specific potential health risks posed by the hazardous substance and its combustion products intended to alert any person reading the information.

(g) The month and year that the information was compiled and, for an MSDS issued after January 1, 1981, the name and address of the manufacturer responsible for preparing the information.

(Amended by Stats. 1988, Ch. 423, Sec. 1.)