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Hazardous Substances; Duties   

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(a) The manufacturer may provide the information required by Section 6390 on an entire product mixture, instead of on each hazardous substance in it, when all of the following conditions exist:

(1) Hazard test information exists on the mixture itself, or adequate information exists to form a valid judgment of the hazardous properties of the mixture itself and the MSDS indicates that the information presented and the conclusions drawn are from some source other than direct test data on the mixture itself, and that an MSDS on each constituent hazardous substance identified on the MSDS is available upon request.

(2) Provision of information on the mixture will be as effective in protecting employee health as information on the ingredients.

(3) The hazardous substances in the mixture are identified on the MSDS unless it is either unfeasible to describe all the ingredients in the mixture or the identity of the ingredients is itself a valid trade secret, in either case the reason why the hazardous substances in the mixture are not identified shall be stated on the MSDS.

(b) A single mixture MSDS may be provided for more than one formulation of a product mixture if the information provided pursuant to Section 6390 does not vary for the formulation.

(Added by Stats. 1980, Ch. 874, Sec. 1.)