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State-Appointed Administrator   

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Within 30 days of assuming authority, an administrator who has control over a school district pursuant to Section 41326 shall discuss options for resolving the fiscal problems of the district with all of the following groups and shall consider, on a monthly basis, or more frequently if so desired by the administrator, information from one or more of the following groups:

(a) The governing board of the school district.

(b) Any advisory council of the school district.

(c) Any parent-teacher organization of the school district.

(d) Representatives from the community in which the school district is located.

(e) The district administrative team.

(f) The County Office Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team.

(g) Representatives of employee bargaining units.

(h) The county superintendent of schools.

(Amended by Stats. 2005, Ch. 22, Sec. 36.)


Education Code 41326