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Administrator Training Program   

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(a) Incentive funding amounts for purposes of this article may not exceed three thousand dollars ($3,000) per schoolsite administrator. This funding shall be received by a local education agency in accordance with the specifications contained in Section 44515 once the local education agency's training plan is approved by the State Board of Education. For each three thousand dollars ($3,000) that is received pursuant to this article, a participating local education agency shall provide one thousand dollars ($1,000) in matching funds that shall be used for costs associated with training offered pursuant to this article. Any combination of local, federal, or private resources or contributions may be used for the local agency's match. In-kind resources or in-kind contributions may not be used for the local agency's match.

(b) If it is determined pursuant to a program audit that a participating local educational agency failed to provide training as described in subdivision (a) of Section 44511 and subdivision (c) of Section 44512 to all school administrators for whom it received funding, the Superintendent of Public Instruction shall withhold from the local education agency's next monthly principal apportionment three thousand dollars ($3,000) for each school administrator who did not receive the training.

(c) The State Board of Education shall establish a procedure and criteria for local education agencies to appeal to the board the finding of a program audit pursuant to this article. The State Board of Education may reduce or eliminate the amount to be withheld pursuant to subdivision (b).

(Added by Stats. 2001, Ch. 697, Sec. 1.)


Education Code 44511

Education Code 44512

Education Code 44515