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(a) The county superintendent of schools, within 35 days after receiving the notification provided by Section 35710, shall call an election, in the manner prescribed in Part 4 (commencing with Section 5000), to be conducted at the next election of any kind in accordance with either of the following:

(1) Section 1002 of the Elections Code and Part 4 (commencing with Section 5000) of Division 1 of Title 1.

(2) Division 4 (commencing with Section 4000) of the Elections Code.

(b) The county superintendent of schools shall call the election in the territory of districts as determined by the county committee on school district organization, or, in the case of territory transfers appealed to the state board pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 35710.5, as determined by the state board. The county superintendent of schools shall not issue an order of election until after the time for an appeal pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 35710.5 has elapsed.

(Amended by Stats. 2014, CH. 327, Sec. 5.)