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Special credential to teach foreign language to foreign born persons   

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The Commission for Teacher Preparation and Licensing shall adopt rules and regulations providing for the recruitment of, and issuance of special credentials in the teaching of a foreign language to foreign-born persons or others having native fluency in a modern foreign language to teach foreign languages in the public schools of California. The issuance of special credentials in the teaching of foreign languages pursuant to this section shall be limited to 500 persons a year. The commission shall prescribe the minimum standards for such special credentials and shall provide for the renewal of such credentials. In issuing the credentials to any applicant the commission shall take into consideration fluency in the language to be taught, academic preparation, previous teaching experience, a knowledge of modern methods of foreign language instruction and a knowledge of peoples of other countries and their environment. The commission shall adopt rules and regulations which require the holder of a special credential issued under this section to undertake, within a reasonable time, a course of study which will enable the holder to become eligible for a standard teaching credential.

(Enacted by Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010.)