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Program of in-service and preservice, components   

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The designated agent of any joint program may apply to establish a program of in-service and preservice training for classroom teachers in lieu of applying to establish a center pursuant to Section 44635. The application shall contain a detailed plan cooperatively developed with a teacher training institution and shall include all of the following:

(a) A description of the training program for all school personnel to be trained through the program, including administrative and auxiliary personnel and, if appropriate, replacement teachers.

(b) A description of the in-service program to be provided the staff of satellite schools on a regular rotational basis until all staff members of the satellite schools have participated in the in-service training program. Staff of satellite schools shall include specialist teachers in reading and mathematics regularly employed with such schools, and administrative and auxiliary personnel, and teacher aides.

(c) A description of procedures to be used for the identification of master teachers at the center based on demonstrated ability by the district in cooperation with the institution of higher education.

(d) A description of the program for followup training to be provided to personnel of satellite schools which have had training in the centers.

(e) A description of how all existing in-service training programs of the district funded from local, state, and federal sources will be integrated with the professional development and program improvement programs authorized by this article, including a specific statement of the local, state, and federal resources for district in-service training programs that will be utilized in the implementation of this program.

(f) Priority shall be given to those schools of the participating districts which have (1) the largest concentration of pupils whose reading achievement scores fall in the first quartile, as measured by the most recently administered standardized achievement test in reading, (2) the largest concentration of pupils whose mathematic achievement scores fall in the first quartile as measured by the most recently administered standardized achievement test in mathematics, and (3) the largest concentration of teachers who will assure the district that they will continue to teach in the schools for the second school year following their participation in the program.

(Amended by Stats. 1981, Ch. 1136, Sec. 7.)


Education Code 44635