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Grant committee   

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(a) Any school district which applies to the Superintendent of Public Instruction for funding pursuant to this chapter shall establish an instructional improvement grant committee to review grant proposals and make recommendations to the governing board concerning awards of instructional improvement grants. The majority of the members of the committee shall be teachers meeting the requirements of Section 44701 and selected by the teachers of the district. The committee shall also include at least one principal selected by the district superintendent.

(b) The committee shall consider all instructional improvement grant proposals submitted by teachers or groups of teachers meeting the requirements of Section 44701. The committee shall recommend to the governing board of the district a plan for the allocation of the district's funding entitlement for purposes of this chapter, taking into account the areas in the district with greatest need for instructional improvement. The plan shall include the committee's recommendations for the funding of any grant proposal, and shall specify a grant amount not in excess of two thousand dollars ($2,000) per fiscal year for an individual recipient, or two thousand dollars ($2,000) per fiscal year for each eligible teacher participating in a group proposal. The committee may recommend the award of grants for proposals which would continue for more than one fiscal year if the committee specifically finds there is a need to provide continued funding.

(c) The committee shall establish procedures for the evaluation of grant proposals and for the review of the use of grant funds by grant recipients.

(d) Members of the committee shall not receive compensation for participation in committee activities, except that teacher members may receive released time in order to attend meetings of the committee.

(Added by Stats. 1983, Ch. 498, Sec. 43.)


Education Code 44701