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California International Studies Project; project elements   

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(a) The California International Studies Project is hereby established to provide a cooperative, intersegmental approach to solving the international studies skills problem in California's schools. This project shall be administered by a public or private institution of higher education in this state, selected pursuant to Section 44782, and shall consist of international studies resource centers operated throughout the state by four-year colleges or universities, or by nonprofit agencies in conjunction with four-year colleges and universities.

(b) The project shall include the following elements:

(1) The preparation by world affairs specialists of instructional materials on international issues and cultures appropriate for use in elementary and secondary school classrooms.

(2) In-service training of classroom teachers.

(3) The training of a group of highly skilled and knowledgeable teachers to serve as leading international studies resource practitioners in curriculum and staff development projects. The primary role of these teachers shall be to train other teachers in the knowledge, curriculum, and skills associated with the project.

(4) The development of a support system for teachers learning new international skills, including content training, curriculum demonstrations, instructional resource services, information sharing, and individual assistance and counseling.

(5) Collaboration between elementary and secondary teachers and international teaching and research personnel and colleges, universities, and nonschool international organizations.

(6) Collaboration in colleges and universities between international specialists in history, economics, international relations, foreign languages, and related fields, and specialists in teaching methods and strategies.

(7) Cooperation between schools, regional or county educational agencies, and colleges and universities.

(8) Development of an evaluation process to assess the following:

(A) The attitudes of project site participants toward the effectiveness of the local resource center.

(B) The international skills and knowledge of students in participating schools.

(Added by Stats. 1985, Ch. 1173, Sec. 1.)


Education Code 44782