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School District Reorganization; Los Angeles County   

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(a) A county superintendent of schools may do any of the following, as necessary, with respect to the reorganization of school districts within the jurisdiction of a county superintendent of schools:

(1) Before the initiation of an action to reorganize, a county superintendent of schools may do any of the following:

(A) Provide information, coordination, and guidance to potential petitioners for reorganization and to other parties inquiring about the petition process.

(B) Provide procedural advice and counseling.

(C) Provide information and assistance for community meetings, information sessions, and briefing sessions.

(D) Provide for coordination of media and community relations.

(2) A county superintendent of schools may perform the following duties for the processing and evaluation of multiple petitions to reorganize one or more school districts:

(A) Ensure compliance with all requirements pertaining to the petitions.

(B) Ensure compliance with all required timelines or deadlines for petitions.

(C) Apply new and preexisting evaluation criteria to the petition.

(3) A county superintendent of schools may provide assistance to reorganized districts during the interim period, as follows:

(A) To ensure smooth transitions with minimum disruption to pupils and staff.

(B) To provide advisory and consulting expertise on any of the following:

(i) Board and administrative policies and regulations.

(ii) Personnel policies.

(iii) Curriculum.

(iv) Instructional programs and services.

(v) Financial and budgeting functions.

(vi) Distribution of assets and liabilities.

(b) No funds appropriated in the annual Budget Act or another statute and allocated to the Los Angeles County Office of Education shall be used to instigate, solicit, or promote the development of plans to reorganize a school district or school districts within the jurisdiction of the county office of education, except that the funds may be used to support the research necessary to review and make recommendations regarding reorganization plans that are submitted to the county office of education.

(Amended by Stats. 2016, Ch. 186, Sec. 20.)