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Education and Research   

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If the employer requests or accepts consulting services offered pursuant to Section 6354, the division in providing such services at the employer's employment or place of employment shall neither institute any prosecution under Section 6423 nor issue any citations for a violation of any standard or order adopted pursuant to Chapter 6 (commencing with Section 140) of Division 1. In any instance in which the division representative providing the consulting service finds that the conditions of employment, place of employment, any work procedure, or the operation of any machine, device, apparatus, or equipment constitutes an imminent hazard or danger, within the meaning of Section 6325, to the lives, safety, or health of employees, entry therein, or the use thereof, as the case may be, shall be prohibited by the division pursuant to Section 6325. The employer shall not, however, be liable to prosecution under Section 6423, nor shall the division issue any citations or assess any civil penalties, except in any case where the employer fails to comply with the division's prohibition of entry or use, or in any case where the provisions of Section 6326 apply.

(Amended by Stats. 1993, Ch. 121, Sec. 70.)