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Los Angeles Unified School District Administration; Council of Mayors   

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The council of mayors and the district superintendent shall negotiate and finalize memoranda of understanding by March 1, 2007, to establish each of the following:

(a) An efficient and effective process to ensure that the LAUSD and each city or the county have every opportunity to consult and agree upon joint-use projects between the district and each city or the county to permit youth, children, and families to access and use school resources at times other than during the regular schoolday. The memorandum of understanding should establish a process that secures good faith participation by both sides in an effort to establish joint-use municipal and school district projects and programs.

(b) An efficient and effective process to ensure that each city or county supervisorial district in which a new school is proposed to be constructed by the LAUSD has the opportunity to provide feedback to the district superintendent and to propose alternative sites or modified construction options, and to follow whatever consultative process the city or supervisorial district may devise in arriving at that feedback, without unreasonably delaying the completion and opening of a newly constructed school.

(c) An efficient and effective process for the council of mayors and the LAUSD to jointly conduct and complete, by January 1, 2008, the first periodic comprehensive identification, mapping, and assessment of available services, including public safety services, for children and youth in each school community, and to jointly consult about creating and maintaining new community services for children and youth to fill gaps identified in the assessment, in order to support the education and increased achievement of pupils in each school community. The LAUSD and council of mayors shall cooperate to identify private resources to fund the assessment to the greatest extent possible.

(d) The Chief of the Los Angeles School Police Department and the chief or sheriff of a law enforcement agency serving each city and unincorporated county area within the LAUSD shall develop and coordinate efficient and effective protocols for mutual cooperation, timely sharing of information, ongoing communication, and memorandums of agreement related to the responsibility of each agency.

(Added by Stats. 2006, Ch. 299, Sec. 3.)