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Los Angeles Unified School District Administration; The Los Angeles Mayor's Community Partnership for School Excellence   

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(a) (1) Upon authorization by the county superintendent of schools pursuant to Section 35930.5, the Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, in partnership with the LAUSD, parent and community leaders and organizations, and school personnel and employee organizations, shall, as part of a demonstration project, exercise the powers set forth in Section 35932 regarding three clusters of the lowest performing schools in different geographic areas within the LAUSD that are located within the City of Los Angeles. Each cluster shall include a high school that is ranked in decile 1 or 2 on the Academic Performance Index, pursuant to Section 52056, and its feeder middle and elementary schools and other programs, including, but not limited to, early childhood programs and centers, continuation schools, and adult education programs.

(2) LAUSD participation in the partnership shall be through a full-time district employee appointed by the district superintendent for each of the three clusters. The mayor shall ensure that each of the clusters is represented in the partnership by at least two representatives from parent organizations who are not also employees of the district, at least two community leaders who are not from a parent or employee organization, and one classroom teacher, one classified employee, and one school administrator selected from those nominated by employee organizations of classroom teachers, classified employees, and school administrators, respectively, who are employed at a school within the cluster.

(3) The full-time district employee specified in paragraph (2) shall perform the functions of the Office of Parent Communication set forth in subdivision (j) of Section 35911 for the cluster of schools to which he or she is assigned.

(b) The high schools for each cluster shall be selected by the mayor and the district superintendent, in consultation with the other members of the partnership described in subdivision (a), and shall take into account the academic status of each school and the interests of the school community. If the mayor and the district superintendent do not agree on the high school for the first cluster on or before February 1, 2007, for the second cluster on or before March 1, 2007, and for the third cluster on or before September 1, 2007, the county superintendent of schools shall select the high school for the cluster within 30 days of the applicable deadline. These deadlines are maximum time periods, but all parties shall act with diligence to permit achievement of the objective of each cluster joining the demonstration project in the 2007-08 school year.

(c) The purpose of the demonstration project is as follows:

(1) To achieve all of the following pupil learning and academic achievement expectations:

(A) Significantly improved pupil learning and academic achievement based on the academic standards of the state, graduation requirements, and other standards that may be developed by the partnership described in subdivision (a), as measured by the California Standards Tests administered pursuant to Article 4 (commencing with Section 60640) of Chapter 5 of Part 33 and other valid and reliable assessments of academic achievement.

(B) Significantly improved graduation rates and significantly reduced dropout rates.

(C) A significant reduction in the academic achievement gap among racial and ethnic groups, between pupils with exceptional needs and pupils without those needs, and between English language learners and pupils who are fluent in English, so that all pupils are attaining similar, acceptable levels of academic achievement.

(D) Parent involvement and satisfaction with the schools that their children attend.

(E) The success of English language learner pupils in developing English language proficiency and increased redesignation as measured by the California English Language Development Test.

(2) To achieve all of the following school expectations:

(A) All schools are clean and safe places for pupils and school staff.

(B) Each pupil has a qualified teacher who has had appropriate professional development for the grade or grades and subject or subjects that he or she teaches.

(C) Each school has a principal who has had appropriate professional development to improve his or her ability as an educational leader to assist in improving teaching and learning, in building strong educational teams, and in promoting parental involvement and community relations.

(D) Transparency in the fiscal affairs of the operations of each school.

(E) Parents, teachers, and other school staff are full partners in the decisions that affect the schools.

(F) Every segment of the school community is held accountable for the achievement of the goals described in this section.

(Added by Stats. 2006, Ch. 299, Sec. 3.)


Education Code 35911

Education Code 35930.5

Education Code 35932

Education Code 52056

Education Code 60640