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Costs related to salaries and benefits of teachers   

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Costs related to the salaries and benefits of teachers incurred by a school district or county office of education to provide the courses specified in paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) of Section 51225.3 shall be offset by the amount of state funding apportioned to the district pursuant to this article, or in the case of a county office of education pursuant to Article 2 (commencing with Section 2550) of Chapter 12 of Part 2 of Division 1 of Title 1, and the amount of state funding received from any of the items listed in Section 42605 that are contained in the annual Budget Act. The proportion of the school district's current expense of education that is required to be expended for payment of the salaries of classroom teachers pursuant to Section 41372 shall first be allocated to fund the teacher salary costs incurred to provide the courses required by the state.

(Added by Stats. 2010, Ch. 724, Sec. 16.)