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San Bruno Park ESD |  BB  9321.2  Board Bylaws

Confidentiality/Closed Session Practices   

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The "Brown Act" establishes conditions for discussing some Governing Board business in closed, confidential sessions. The "Brown Act" supports the public's right to know," but recognizes that some highly sensitive matters are best discussed in a confidential setting, in part to protect the legal rights of other parties. The Board full recognizes that any decisions made in closed session must be reported out in public session. The public's trust and the trust among Board members is breached if information that is confidential is shared in a public manner.

The Board will maintain confidentiality around all matters so prescribed by the "Brown Act," including matters about employee labor contract negotiations, district litigation, personnel matters, and the substance of Superintendent evaluation, and other matters permitted or required by the "Brown Act." The Board will maintain the public's and each other's trust by not breaching confidentiality. If a member of the Board inadvertently violates a confidential issue, the Board and Superintendent will take immediate action to rectify the matter. At the conclusion of each closed session, the Board president will clarify for the entire Board that specific information which is to remain confidential under the "Brown Act."


adopted: April 28, 2010 San Bruno, California