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San Lorenzo Valley USD |  BB  9311  Board Bylaws

Board Policies   

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Governing Board policies are written statements adopted by the Board which communicate the guidelines within which the Superintendent or designee and staff may take discretionary action.

(cf. 2210 - Administrative Leeway in Absence of Board Policy)

(cf. 9310 - Policy Manual)

The Superintendent or designee shall present drafts or suggestions for new policy and policy revisions when changes in law occur and when specific needs arise.

The Board shall review certain policies annually, as required by law. (Education Code 35160.5)

(cf. 5116.1 - Intradistrict Open Enrollment)

(cf. 6145 - Extracurricular and Cocurricular Activities)

When policies are amended, the Superintendent or designee shall review corresponding administrative regulations to ensure that they conform to the intent of the revised policy. Board Policies shall be given as a first reading with an asterisk, except when a second reading is deemed necessary.

(cf. 9313 - Administrative Regulations)

Legal Reference:


35010 Control of district; prescription and enforcement of rules

35160 Authority of governing boards

35160.5 Annual review of school district policies

35163 Official actions, minutes and journal

35164 Vote requirements


adopted: June 8, 2016 Ben Lomond. California