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Age of Admittance to Grades K-1

A child shall be eligible for enrollment in kindergarten or first grade, at the beginning of the school year or at a later time in the same year, if the child has his/her fifth or sixth birthday, respectively, on or before one of the following dates: (Education Code 48000, 48010)

September 1 of the 2014-15 school year and each school year thereafter.

Any child who will have his/her fifth birthday between the date listed above for the applicable school year and December 2 shall be offered a transitional kindergarten program in accordance with law and Board policy. (Education Code 48000)

Enrollment in the transitional kindergarten program shall be voluntary.

Students registered by the posted priority enrollment registration deadline are given priority in their school of assignment.

A child who has been lawfully admitted to a public or private school kindergarten in California or any other state, and who has successfully completed one year therein, who is judged by the school district to be ready for first grade work, may be admitted to the first grade as long as the child has had his/her sixth birthday by the dates listed above (CSBA 1-4)

Students who register in the district will be placed at the grade level they have reached elsewhere in United States' and outside of the Country, pending observation and evaluation of their academic, social and emotional performance by their teachers, guidance personnel and the principal or designee. Age may also be considered in determining appropriate placement. Within 30 days of the student's enrollment, staff shall complete its observation and evaluation and the principal or designee shall determine the student's appropriate grade level placement.

A student enrolling in a district school shall present records from his/her previous 6d documenting his/her age and current grade level

Placement of a student in a specific classroom is the decision of the school administration. Student class assignment will be made and posted at the school site prior to the opening of the school year.

In considering intra-or interdistrict transfers to a particular school, the district reserves the right to hold up to one space per classroom per grade level for possible enrollment of newly-arriving attendance area children.

Registration/enrollment is a continuous process until ten days prior to the last year all classes at a given grade level within an elementary school or middle school reach class maximums, or the school reaches maximum capacity, or staffing ratios are about to be exceeded, additional students shall be assigned to a school where space is available. District. Once this has been accomplished and the need still exists, Student Services shall assign incoming students to schools where space is available.

Students assigned to an alternate school due to over-enrollment at their school of assignment:

* Will remain in that school for the entire/remainder of the school year

* Will return to their school of assignment the following school year

* Will receive priority in the intradistrict transfer lottery if they choose to remain at the alternate school

Families who change residence within the district during the school year must show proof of residence for the new address. If the change of residence is not within the student's current school boundary, the student has two options;

1. The student may remain at the current school of attendance for the remainder of the school year. The student may then apply through the intradistrict transfer process to remain at the school of attendance through 5th grade or 8th grade according to established priority order.


2. Immediately enroll in the school designated for his/her new address if space is available. If space is not available, the pupil will remain at the current school of attendance for the remainder of the school year and attend their new school of assignment the following school year.

Families who change residence to a location outside the boundaries of the district during the school year lose registration status and enrollment within the district's schools. If parents/guardians wish their student to remain in the district, they must apply for an interdistrict transfer from their new school district within 30 days. Such transfers may be approved or denied for a variety of reasons including availability of space. (See Board Policy 5117 on Interdistrict Transfers.) The transfer will be considered in order of established enrollment priorities as described in Board Policy 5117 on Interdistrict Transfers.

(cf. 5123 - Promotion/Acceleration/Retention)

(cf. 6170.1 - Transitional Kindergarten)

Students who do not attend school during the first three days of the school year without a prior school approved excuse will be dropped from the school's enrollment. (Ed Code.

Students absent for more than 10 days of school without an approved I.S. contract will be dropped from the school's enrollment.

Documentation of Age/Grade

Prior to the admission of a child to school, the parent/guardian shall present proof of the child's age. (Education Code 48002)

Evidence of the child's age may include: (Education Code 48002)

1. A certified original copy of a birth certificate or a statement by the local registrar or county recorder certifying the date of birth

2. Current passport

When none of the foregoing is obtainable, the parent/guardian may provide any other appropriate means of proving the age of the child. (Education Code 48002)


approved: June 5, 2014 Foster City, California