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School Attendance Boundaries   

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The Board of Trustees shall establish school attendance boundaries in order to maximize the efficient use of district facilities and effective administration of district schools. The Superintendent or designee shall periodically review school attendance boundaries and, as necessary, make recommendations to the Board for boundary adjustments.

When reviewing school attendance boundaries, the Superintendent or designee shall consider the following factors:

1. School enrollment data

2. Facility capacity and design, including potential commercial and residential developments

3. Federal, state, or court mandates

4. Student safety

5. Geographic features of the district, including traffic patterns

6. Educational programs, such as magnet schools and charter schools

(cf. 7160 - Charter School Facilities)

7. In accordance with Education Code 49558(b), records pertaining to student participation in the free or reduced price meal program may be used as indicators of socioeconomic status by designated district employees for purposes of establishing school attendance boundaries and programs to promote academic success. No individual indicators of participation in a free or reduced price lunch program will be released. The Superintendent or designee will ensure that all confidentiality provisions required by law are met.

The Superintendent or designee may place some students in a school outside of their attendance area in order to alleviate overcrowding. If available at no additional cost to the district, transportation shall be provided for such students.

8. Other factors

(cf. 5116.1- Intradistrict Open Enrollment)

(cf. 5117 - Interdistrict Attendance)

In order to alleviate overcrowding, the Superintendent or designee may place some students in a school outside of their attendance area. Parents/guardians of students who are attending schools outside of their attendance area shall be notified of the school their child will be attending as soon as possible.

(cf. 3541 - Transportation Routes and Services)

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35351 Assignment of students to particular schools


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Article I, Section 31 Discrimination based on race, sex, color, ethnicity


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adopted: June 5, 2014 Foster City, California