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Prohibition Against Certificated Employees Teaching Own Children   

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To ensure fairness toward all students, the Board of Trustees prohibits a certificated employee who is a parent/guardian of an enrolled student from serving as the student's teacher. Should a situation arise where a certificated employee has or will have a student enrolled at his/her work site, the schedules of the parent/guardian and student will be arranged to avoid assigning the student to the classroom of the parent/guardian. The Administration may consider options including but not limited to:

* assigning the teacher to teach different courses;*

* changing the student's class schedule;

* allowing the student to enroll for a course or courses at another school, or

* requesting an exception of the policy from the Superintendent or designee. These circumstances are limited to the following:

- Classes where there is only one section of the course or

- There is no other qualified teacher on the school campus who can teach the class or

- Non A-G Courses

In the event of an exception, the principal and department head, in conjunction with the teacher/parent, will review the student's progress and demonstrated learning to ensure fair and equitable grading. Where the teacher/parent is the department head, the principal or designee will perform the review with the superintendent or district office administrator designee.


adopted: November 16, 2017 San Mateo, California