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Selection and Approval of Training Stations.   

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The following criteria shall be used to select and approve training stations.

(a) The employer at the cooperative vocational education training station shall:

(1) Have a clear understanding of program objectives and a willingness to participate in the program.

(2) Provide adequate supervision to ensure a planned program of the students' paid on-the-job training in order that the student may receive maximum education benefit.

(3) Consult with the cooperative vocational education teacher regarding the paid on-the-job progress of the student.

(4) Cooperate with the vocational education director or his or her designee in preparing a written training agreement.

(5) Participate with the cooperative vocational education teacher and the student in preparing an individualized training plan.

(6) Provide a minimum of 8 hours of paid employment per week to assist students to acquire those competencies necessary for employment and advancement in the occupational area for which training is offered.

(7) Assist in maintaining accurate records of the students' training hours.

(8) Provide Workers' Compensation Insurance for students employed through the Cooperative Vocational Education Program.

(b) The training station shall offer training opportunities in the specific occupation for which the course is approved. Training opportunities at the paid station shall be in the occupation for which related instruction is provided.

(c) Training station working conditions shall not endanger the health, safety, welfare or morals of the students.

(d) The training station shall have adequate equipment, materials and other resources to provide an appropriate learning opportunity.

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