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Contents of the Application.   

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The application shall be in two parts. Part I shall contain information necessary to determine eligibility, teacher quotas, priorities, and allowances. Part II shall contain the information required in Section 11221. Part I shall be in two sections.

(a) Prior Year's Program. Section 1 shall be completed only for a program to be maintained at the level of the prior year's program and shall provide the information necessary:

(1) To determine continued eligibility,

(2) To compute allowances up to the number of specialist teachers and the number of specialist teachers served by librarians that were reported and approved on the annual certification of participation in the act (Form J-10A) of the year immediately preceding the year for

which the application is made.

(b) New and Expanded Programs. Section a shall be completed by districts wishing to start a program under the act and by districts already in the program who wish to expand beyond the level of the prior year. Section 2 shall provide the information necessary:

(1) To establish eligibility.

(2) To determine priority.

(3) To compute the allowances for specialist teachers' and librarians' salaries.

(c) Certifications. The application shall contain a certification b the governing board that the application has been prepared in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and that all requirements regarding the employment and payment of reading specialist teachers are met.

(Amended by Register 74, No. 20.)