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Article 5. Continued Funding. Continued Funding.   

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(a) Contractors have no vested right to a subsequent contract.

(b) Contractors that are not on conditional contract status but which have evidenced fiscal or programmatic noncompliance with the provisions of this Division or Education Code Sections 8200 et seq., shall receive an administrative review in accordance with Section 18303 of this Division to determine whether they will receive an offer for continued funding.

(c) Contractors currently on conditional status that do not meet the requirements specified in the Conditional Status Addendum, as specified in Section 18305 of this Division, may not be offered a subsequent contract and shall be so notified by the Child Development Division at least ninety (90) calendar days prior to the end of the current contract period.

(d) Contractors that intend to accept the offer to continue services in the subsequent contract period shall respond to a continued funding application request from the Child Development Division in accordance with the instructions and timelines specified in the request.

(e) Failure to respond within the timelines specified in the continued funding application request shall constitute notification to the Child Development Division of the contractor's intent to discontinue services at the end of the current contract period unless the contractor has received a written extension of the original timeline from the Child Development Division.

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(Repealed and added by Register 88, No. 50.)