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Required Documents for Prior Child Development Division Approval of Subcontracts.   

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The contractor shall submit the following documents to the Child Development Division before entering into any agreement with a proposed subcontractor and before any work begins pursuant to the proposed subcontract:

(a) A copy of each bid or estimate

(b) If applicable, the documents required to be maintained under Section 18027(b) of this Division;

(c) Identification of the lowest responsible bidder selected by the contractor

(d) For capital outlay subcontracts, documents showing that the bidder selected by the contractor has obtained a payment bond in an amount not less than one-half (I/2) the amount of the proposed subcontract; and

(e) Two (2) copies of the proposed subcontract, including a proposed line item budget which shows the costs of the services to be performed. The budget for a proposed subcontract for renovation and repair shall show the total cost of labor and the total cost of materials.

Authority and Refeence Cited:

Education Code 8261

(Added by Register 88, No. 50.)