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Chapter 19. Child Care And Development Programs. Subchapter 4. State Preschool Program. Article 2. Enrollment Priorities. Enrollment Priorities for State Preschool Programs.   

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(a) The first priority for services shall be given to four-year-old or three-year-old neglected or abused children who are recipients of child protective services or recipients who are at risk of being neglected or abused, upon written referral from a legal, medical, or social service agency, without regard to income.

(b) The second priority shall be given to eligible four-year-old children in the following order:

(1) Children who were enrolled in the State Preschool Program as a three-year-old, without regard to income ranking.

(2) Children whose families have the lowest income ranking based on the most recent income ranking schedule adopted by the State Superintendent of Public Instruction (SSPI) at the time of enrollment. The Child Care and Development Income Rankings (revised 12/2007) is hereby incorporated by reference.

(3) When two or more families have the same income ranking, according to the most recent income ranking schedule, the child with exceptional needs as defined in Education Code section 8208(l) shall be admitted first.

(4) If there are no families with children with exceptional needs, the contractor may establish the following priorities in an order determined by the contractor.

(A) Children who are identified as limited English or non-English proficient.

(B) Children from families whose special circumstances may diminish the children's opportunities for normal development.

(c) After all eligible four-year-old children are enrolled, three-year-old children may be enrolled based on the priorities described in subdivision 18131(b)(2) through (4).

(d) The family data file shall include documentation to support the determination that the child meets the priority for service. If the priority for service is the child's exceptional need, the family data file shall include documentation as specified in section 18089(f) of this division.

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(Amended By Register 2008, No. 50.)