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Subchapter 3. Standards for Evaluating the Institution. Article 1. Institutions Approved Under Education Code Section 94310.2. Standards.   

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The following standards apply to each institution applying for approval to operate under Education Code Section 94310.2:

(a) Financial Stability. The institution shall maintain assets sufficient to ensure capability of fulfilling the specific program to enrolled students. In all instances, such assets shall be at least as great as those specified in California Education Code Section 94310.4(b) for authorized degree granting institutions.

(b) Faculty. Faculty resources shall include personnel who possess degrees from the U.S. Department of Education or its successor agency recognized accredited institutions in the proposed degree major field(s) and in sufficient number to provide the proposed educational services.

(c) Course of Study. The educational services shall clearly relate to the proposed degree(s) objectives, be comparable in scope and sequence to minimum standards of comparable degree programs in accredited institutions recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or its successor agency, and shall, in the judgment of the visiting committee, ensure quality educational services to the degree candidate. This requirement shall not be construed to prevent the approval of innovative educational services.

(d) Facilities. Facilities must relate to the defined degree objectives. The stated educational services define the needed facilities, and the visiting committee must express a judgment that the facilities available are sufficient to ensure the student quality educational services.

(e) Degree Requirements. The specified institutional requirements for the degree(s) shall be evaluated against established standards for similar degrees in accredited institutions. The student is to be assured that the degree so approved shall not deviate substantially from all other such degrees as a mark of learning, although the processes in a particular institution may deviate markedly from those occurring in other institutional settings.

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