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Grounds for Denial, Revocation, or Suspension of an Agent's Permit.   

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The superintendent may deny, revoke or suspend an agent's permit, whichever action is timely and appropriate, on the following grounds, as appropriate:

(a) The applicant or holder has practiced or attempted to practice any material deception or fraud in his or her application.

(b) The applicant fails to meet any of those standards and requirements for a permit as set out in Education Code Section 94333.

(c) The holder engages in that conduct prohibited by Education Code Sections 94320, 94321 or 94333.

(d) The applicant or holder has previously had, under California law or under similar laws of any other state, a permit to solicit or sell enrollments in an institution revoked.

(e) The applicant or holder has pled guilty to or has been found guilty of any crime other than minor traffic offenses or has entered a plea of nolo contendere to a charge thereof, or has committed unscrupulous acts, made material misrepresentations, committed fraud, or is otherwise unfit to engage in the business of private postsecondary education, unless evidence of rehabilitation or mitigation satisfactory to the superintendent is presented. Currently effective court imposed probation is prima facie evidence of lack of rehabilitation. The offense must relate to the effectiveness of that particular person to perform as an agent.

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