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Article 6. Student Tuition Recovery Fund. Definitions.   

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(a) "Prepaid." As used in Education Code Sections 94342 and 94343 and this chapter, prepaid describes any amount of money which is paid in advance of receiving educational services or any contractual or other legal obligation to pay for such services.

(b) "Fund." Fund refers to the Student Tuition Recovery Fund.

(c) "Tuition." As used in Education Code Section 94343 and this chapter, tuition is the charge for instruction. In addition to tuition, charges for instructional materials and all other fees shall be included for assessment purposes.

(d) "California Resident." As used in Education Code Section 94342 and this chapter, a California resident is one who is enrolled in an institution which is approved or authorized to operate by the superintendent. With respect to those individuals enrolled in an approved or authorized correspondence course, only those receiving lessons at a California mailing address are considered to be California residents.

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