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As used in Education Code Sections 41920, 51870 and 51871, and in these regulations:

(a) "Instructional Television", "Educational Television", and "Television Broadcasts" mean television programs used as integral parts of the instructional program included in the course of study adopted by the proper authority.

(b) "Pupils of the district present in the classroom and instructed by such instructional television programs," means students who are members of at least one class in which instructional television meeting the requirements of this article is provided pursuant to the provisions of Education Code Sections 51870 and 51871.

(c) "Closed-Circuit Instructional Television," and "Instructional Television Fixed Service" (2500 megahertz) refer to an instructional television facility which includes a central distribution system.

(d) A "production agency" is the agency which produces any instructional television programs.

(Amended by Register 77, No. 39.)