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Chapter 1. Library Services Provided by the State. Subchapter 2. California Library Services. Article 3. General Provisions for Systems. System Budget Request and Plan of Service.   

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Each System participating in programs of the Act shall adopt a System Plan of Service and prepare a budget for carrying out the objectives of the Plan. After approval by the Administrative Council, the System budget request and Plan of Service shall be annually submitted to the State Board by June 1 of the fiscal year immediately preceding the fiscal year for which funds are requested.

(a) Plan of Service. The annual Plan of Service shall describe in the form and manner prescribed by the State Board how the System proposes to carry out the purposes of the Act, and it shall include information relative to the following statements:

(1) A population profile. This shall be no more than five years old, and shall use the most current data available.

(2) A description of the users and the non-users of the services of the members of the System.

(3) A description of the services provided by the System.

(4) A list of the major unmet information needs of the population of the System area.

(5) A plan for the use of CLSA funds, listing each of the services in (3) above which the System plans to maintain or improve, and each of the unmet needs in (4) above which the System plans to address. Under each such service to be provided or unmet needs to be addressed, the plan shall include:

(A) The user benefit expected.

(B) A brief description of the method by which the benefit will be provided.

(b) Budget. The System budget shall document in the form and manner prescribed by the State Board the dollar amounts to be expended for providing each System service or addressing each unmet need.

(c) In addition, each System shall file by September 1 of each year a report, in the form and manner prescribed by the State Board for the fiscal year just ended, that describes actual accomplishments and expenditures of the System program, compares them with the planned accomplishments and expenditures for the fiscal year reported and includes other appropriate commentary.

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(Amended by Register 2013, No. 11.)