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Article 4. System Reference. Definitions.   

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For purposes of this Article:

(a) "Discernible difference" means the difference in quality or quantity of service to the user made possible by the support provided under this Article, beyond the service which would have been provided had the member library not had that support.

(b) "Evidence of benefit" means verification (e.g. statistical sample; staff or user personal testimony; case study) of a discernible difference.

(c) "Performance objectives" means the quantified expression of service specifications (e.g., average response time; number of new users satisfactorily served). The quantities may be set at varying levels from year to year, as experience is gained and as available resources vary.

(d) "Service specification" means a qualitative outcome (a goal) which each System shall strive to achieve for one or more of the service components of the System Reference program set forth in Section 20154 of this Article. It describes what is to be examined in determining if a reference service is performing as intended. Service specifications are expected to be relatively constant over a period of several years.

Authority cited:

Education Code 18724


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(Amended by Register 83, No. 33.)