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General Improvement of Local Reference Service.   

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(a) Service specifications and performance objectives for the general improvement of local reference service component which are specific to each System shall be adopted by each System. Each System shall, using information provided by its member libraries:

(1) Assess the needs of, and the service to the general population now being provided by the System's member libraries, then

(2) Identify those program areas where improvement can make a significant difference in the quality or quantity of service, and determine which of those can be improved by we of available resources, then

(3) Evaluate which of those remaining areas would offer the greatest improvement in service to the general population, then finally,

(4) Adopt service specifications and performance objectives to accomplish the improved service, which shall be subject to approval by the Chief Executive Officer on behalf of the State Board.

(b) Evidence of benefit. In designing its general improvement of local reference service component, each System shall provide for evidence of benefit that can be gathered without unreasonably burdening the System and its members.

Authority cited:

Education Code 18724


Education Code 18741

(Amended by Register 83, No. 33.)