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Interlibrary Reference.   

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(a) Each System shall design its interlibrary reference component to the following service specifications:

(1) The highest possible percentage of questions shall be answered.

(2) The answers shall be delivered to the user within an acceptable time period.

(3) Answers shall meet the user's need in terms of amount, format, language, and accuracy of information.

(4) Specifications (1)-(3) should be carried out at the lowest possible cost.

(b) The following uniform performance objectives shall be met by all Systems in implementing the interlibrary reference services specifications:

(1) Answers shall be provided for 90% of all questions referred from member libraries.

(2) 70% of answers shall be returned to the originating member library within 10 working days of the question having been transmitted by that library into the System's reference referral structure.

(3) For 1 and 2 above the following definitions are established:

"Answer" means a reply to a user's question that provides the user with the information sought; or with knowledge that the information does not exist in verifiable form; or that the information is likely available from one or more indicated sources which can, for a specified reason, be more effectively contacted by the user than by the library system; or any combination of the foregoing. "Answer" does not include a status report.

"Originating member library" means the System member public library as defined in Education Code Section 18710(1).

"Within 10 working days" means a 10-day period which begins when a question is referred to a source other than within the originating member library, by a part of that library authorized to do so by its System's reference referral procedures. The measured period ends when the answer is received by the part of the originating member library designed by its System procedures to receive the answer to the particular question.

"Working days" means Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, excluding legal holidays.

Authority cited:

Education Code 18724


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(Amended by Register 83, No. 43.)