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Chapter 1. Library Services Provided by the State. Subchapter 2. California Library Services. Consolidations and Affiliations. Public Library Affiliation with an Existing System.   

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(a) If any jurisdiction, not previously a member of any System, joins a System with borders contiguous to the jurisdiction, and the System wishes to receive an affiliation grant under Education Code Section 18752, the administrative body of the System shall file a notice of intent and the jurisdictional governing body of the affiliating library shall file an affiliation authorization with the State Board.

(b) The State Board's approval of requests for affiliation shall be based on its determination that the proposed membership is at least as effective a way of carrying out the purposes of the Act as would be the case if the membership were with a System other than the one joined.

(c) For purposes of determining the eligibility of the affiliating public library or system to receive funds under other provisions of the Act, an affiliation will be considered effective beginning July 1 of the fiscal year immediately following the fiscal year in which the affiliation authorization is filed.

Authority cited:

Education Code 18724


Education Code 18700-18767

(Amended by Register 2013, No. 39.)