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Article 7. Communication and Delivery. Definition of Reporting Terms.   

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In complying with the reporting requirements of Section 20135 each system shall report the following items using the following definitions with respect to the communication and delivery programs:

(a) "Message" means the transmission of a discrete body of information from one library to another by means of a telecommunications system to a single individual or institutional addressee. Many separate items of information may be contained in a single message. The same body of information transmitted to several addressees at physically distinct locations constitutes several, not one, messages. Written information physically conveyed by delivery van, U.S. Mail, or other courier services is not considered a "message' for communications and delivery reporting purposes.

(b) "Item delivered" means the physical removal of a discrete item from one library to another by means of a delivery van U.S. Mail, courier service, or other delivery system. Reasonable judgement shall be exercised in determining particular "items" status (e.g., a carton containing 10,000 brochures is one-not 10,000 items).

(c) "Frequency/schedule of delivery service" means that specific (daily, twice weekly, weekly, etc.) frequency of delivery service received by member libraries. If not all members receive the same frequency of delivery service the number of member libraries served on each differing schedule must be reported.

(d) "Other" means that when a system employs communications or delivery methods other than those specifically cited on the standard reporting forms, the system must specify the method(s) employed and separately account for the message or delivery volume for each such method.

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