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Chapter 3. California Reading and Literacy Improvement and Public Library Construction and Renovation Bond Act of 2000 Article 2. California Library Construction and Renovation Program Purposes of Grants   

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(a) Acquisition of an existing or prefabricated building

A local jurisdiction may acquire, through purchase or donation, an existing building or a prefabricated building for the purpose of converting it to a public library.

(b) Multipurpose building

A local jurisdiction may acquire space in a multipurpose building for use as a public library.

(c) Allowable site use

A local jurisdiction may build a public library facility on land that has been:

(1) Purchased.

(2) Donated.

(3) Leased.

(4) Secured by a lease-purchase agreement.

(d) Site development and demolition costs

Site development and demolition costs are eligible if they are:

(1) Necessary and directly related to the construction of the public library.

(2) Within the legal boundaries of the public library project site.

(3) No more than 100 feet beyond the legal boundaries of the site and are required to tie-in the public library site with existing utilities and roads. Such work shall be limited to:

(A) Utilities.

(B) Paving.

(C) Sidewalks, curbs, and gutters.

(D) Landscaping and irrigation.

(E) Traffic signals.

(e) Architectural and engineering services

(1) Payment of fees for any work related to the public library construction project performed by architects and engineers are eligible project costs provided they are cash expenditures made not earlier than three years prior to the submission of the grant application, as specified in Education Code section 19995(b).

(2) Matching funds credit for architectural plans and drawings.

(A) The cost of architectural plans and drawings developed solely for the public library project for which the application is being made, regardless of when their cost was incurred, may be credited toward the matching funds requirement.

(B) "Architectural plans and drawings" means, and is limited to, the following documents created by an architect or engineer that are necessary for the design of the proposed public library building:

1. Conceptual plans and drawings.

2. Schematic plans and drawings.

3. Design development plans and drawings (also referred to as preliminary plans and drawings).

4. Construction documents and specifications (also referred to as final working drawings and specifications).

(f) Other professionals

Fees for work related to the public library construction project performed by the following professionals are eligible project costs:

(1) Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) consultants

(2) Attorneys

(3) Audio-visual consultants

(4) Building security systems consultants

(5) Certified Public Accountants

(6) Construction managers

(7) Hazardous materials consultants -- Registered Environmental Assessors registered by the California Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, and asbestos consultants registered by the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration, who are employed to perform hazardous materials surveys and related abatement contract administration.

(8) Historical consultants required to assess the historical significance of an existing building.

(9) Interior designers employed to:

(A) Design furnishings and equipment

(B) Provide furnishings floor plans and layouts.

(C) Write specifications.

(D) Otherwise develop bid documents and supervise the bidding and installation of furnishings and equipment for the interiors contract or portion of the general contract for the public library construction project.

(10) Independent construction cost estimators employed to provide project cost estimates

(11) Land surveyors

(12) Library Consultants providing or assisting in the preparation of:

(A) Library needs assessments.

(B) Library plans of service.

(C) Library facility master plans.

(D) Library site studies.

(E) Library building programs.

(F) Library architectural plans reviews.

(13) Lighting consultants

(14) Project managers

(15) Real estate appraisers

(16) Scientists required for CEQA compliance

(17) Signage consultants

(18) Technology planning consultants

(19) Telecommunication consultants

(20) Traffic engineering consultants

(g) Remodeling existing public library facilities owned by the applicant jurisdiction

(1) As required by Education Code 19989 (c), all projects to remodel existing public library facilities shall include "necessary upgrading of electrical and telecommunications systems to accommodate Internet and similar computer technology."

(2) These improvements are defined as enhancements to the electrical and data systems that provide:

(A) Dedicated circuits for all computers and their peripherals.

(B) Copper, fiber optic, or wireless data connections with a minimum of Category 5 data cabling. Category 5 cable is data communications twisted pair cable appropriate for transmission of signals up to 100 Mb/second.

(h) Ineligible project costs

Ineligible project costs include but are not limited to the following:

(1) Costs for services related to the administration of the public library construction project that are performed by employees of the applicant or the library service provider are ineligible. An exception shall be made for professional services described in section 20432(e) and (f) where such services are required by the applicant jurisdiction to be provided by a Public Works or similar department, or by other departments providing the professional services, and where costs for the services are directly billed to the construction project.

(2) Lease or lease-purchase payments or the value of land secured through a lease or lease-purchase agreement.

(3) The costs associated with portions of a project that will not be used for the delivery and support of public library direct services are not eligible project costs.

(4) In-kind expenditures and services or donations of materials, labor, furniture, equipment, or articles of any kind shall not qualify as matching funds and shall not be counted as eligible project costs.

(5) The value of land owned by the applicant that is already dedicated to the operation of an existing public library.

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