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Chapter 19.5. CalWORKs and Child Care and Development Programs Subchapter 3. CalWORKs Stage 3 Child Care Program Article 2 Requirements and Procedures for Receiving CalWORKs Stage 3 Services Eligibility Duration   

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After initial enrollment into a Stage 3 program, child care services will be continued as long as the child meets the requirements of Section 18422 and:

(a) The family continues to meet eligibility requirements pursuant to Section 18421; or

(b) The contractor has received a referral for child protective services pursuant to Chapter 19, Section 18092; or

(c) If being reimbursed by state funds, the family is income eligible and the child has a medical or psychiatric special need that cannot be met without the provision of child care services as documented in the family data file pursuant to Chapter 19, Section 18089.


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