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Chapter 11. Special Programs Subchapter 7. Regional Occupational Centers and Regional Occupational Programs Definitions   

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(a) A Regional Occupational Center is a vocational or technical training program established and maintained in a separate, identifiable physical facility pursuant to Article 1, Chapter 9, Part 28, Division 4, Title 2* of the Education Code.

(b) "Region served" means the area of a county or counties which constitutes the attendance area of the high school district or districts that form the membership of a Regional Occupational Center and Program.

(c) A "school unit" within a participating district includes, but is not limited to: a community college, a high school, a continuation high school or continuation classes, an adult school or classes for adults, or a private school.

(d) "Course/class" means any credit or noncredit instructional unit in a subject area or field of organized knowledge, usually provided on a semester, year, or other prescribed length-of-time basis.

(e) "Section" means a multiple of identical classes in a specific subject having the same goals, objectives, and outcomes.

(f) "Curriculum" means the courses of study, courses, subjects, classes, section, and organized group activities provided by a school and/or Regional Occupational Center or Regional Occupational Program.

(g) "Unnecessary duplication of courses and programs" means that two local educational agencies or programs, including Regional Occupational Centers or Regional Occupational Programs offer the same vocational or adult course or program to the same type of student population using similar operational characteristics as to prerequisites unless one agency reports that it cannot meet the needs of all students requiring such courses and programs.

(h) "Supplanting" occurs when a course, class, or a section has been dropped by a school unit and is replaced by another educational agency, including a Regional Occupational Center or Regional Occupational Program, without major revision of the curriculum, student population served, and/or projected course outcomes.

(i) "Regional adult and vocational education councils" are those councils described in Article 2 (commencing with Section 8020), Chapter 1, Part 6, Division 1, Title 1* of the Education Code.

(j) "Individual vocational counseling and guidance services" means services designed to:

(1) Identify and encourage the enrollment of individuals in courses offered by a Regional Occupational Center or Regional Occupational Program.

(2) Provide the individuals with information necessary to make meaningful and informed occupational choices.

(3) Assist students pursuing a program of vocational instruction in the Regional Occupational Center or Regional Occupational Program.

(k) A "county labor council, as used in subsection (a)(4) of Section 52306* of the Education Code," means the Central Labor Council or the Central Buildings and Trades Council having jurisdiction in the area served by the Regional Occupational Center or Regional Occupational Program.


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