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Chapter 2. California Library Construction and Renovation Board Article 2. California Library Construction and Renovation Program Changes in Projects and Withdrawal of a Grant   

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(a) Changes in a project. Any change in the project made by the gant recipient subsequent to the approval of the project by the board, which significantly changes the project information provided during the application process, shall be approved by the State Librarian. The State Librarian shall have the sole authority to determine if a change is significant. If the State Librarian does not approve the change, the grant recipient may appeal the State Librarian's decision to the board. The decision of the board regarding a change in the project is final and binding.

(b) Withdrawal of a grant. If it is determined by the grant recipient that a project cannot be built within the scope of the approved application, the project may be withdrawn by the grant recipient at any time. The board shall disapprove matching state funds for projects which have been withdrawn by the grant recipient.


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