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Determination of Funding Requests for Nonclassroom-Based Virtual or On-Line Charter Schools.   

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A virtual or on-line charter school is one in which at least 80 percent of teaching and student interaction occurs via the Internet.

(a) A virtual or on-line nonclassroom-based charter school may receive approval of a funding determination with no maximum pupil-teacher ratio if the charter school has and maintains an 8 or above Academic Performance Index (API) rank in either its statewide or similar schools ranking and has no less than a 6 in the other of these two rankings.

(b) In order to be funded pursuant to (a) above, a virtual or on-line charter school, must demonstrate that:

(1) The school has met its overall and subgroup API growth targets.

(2) Instructional expenditures are at least 85 percent of the overall school budget. A substantial portion of these expenditures (at least 25 percent of the charter school's general purpose entitlement and categorical block grant as defined in Education Code section 47632), are spent on technology that directly benefits students and teachers and results in improved student achievement.

(3) Computer-based instruction and assessment is provided to each student and includes the use of an on-line instructional management program, which at a minimum includes standards-based guided lessons, lesson plans, initial testing of students, periodic assessment of student achievement, and the use of other measurements of student progress over a period of time.

(4) Teachers are provided with technology tools and print media, which at a minimum must include: standards-aligned instructional materials, computer, printer, monitor, Internet service, telephone, staff development that provides for the monitoring of student progress, and a means of electronic communication for frequent student contact.

(5) All students are provided an individualized learning plan that is based on initial testing of the students and that is monitored either remotely or in person, by the teacher to evaluate student progress.

(6) All students are provided access to a computer, Internet service, printer, monitor, and standards-aligned materials based on State Board adopted academic content standards for each grade level and for each subject studied.

(7) All students eligible for special education supports and services receive those supports and services in accordance with their individualized education program.

(8) Charter school admission practices will not favor high performing students or recruit a student population that is of a higher socioeconomic group or lower racial or ethnic representation than the general population of the county or counties served. Admission practices not reflective of the county or counties served shall be cause for denial by the State Board of Education under this section.

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