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School Community Violence Prevention Program. Eligibility to Apply for SCVP Grant Funds and Grant Application Requirements.   

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(a) For purposes of this program, Local Education Agencies (LEAs) are school districts, county offices of education or consortia thereof. Only LEAs serving students in any of grades kindergarten through twelve are eligible to apply for the SCVP grant funds.

(b) School sites which are receiving services from a School Community Policing Partnership (SCPP) grant may not receive SCVP grant funds until the SCPP grant period has ended.

(c) A school site that has previously received an SCVP grant shall not be eligible to receive funds from another SCVP grant until five years after the end of the previous SCVP grant period.

(d) Prospective applicants shall submit a request to apply to the S/LEP by November 1 of each year. Attached to the request to apply shall be a copy, from each proposed program site, of that portion of the comprehensive school safety plan which is required by Education Code sections 32282(a)(1) and (a)(2)(H), and by the first paragraph of Education Code section 32282(a)(2). The safety plan shall have been updated and approved during the time period specified in Education Code section 32286. If these requirements are not met, the LEA shall not be eligible to apply for funds.

(e) LEAs wishing to receive funds from the SCVP grant program shall submit applications for a maximum of $500,000. Applications will be annual and will be submitted by January 15 of each year. The applications shall include the following elements:

(1) A description of the collaborative process used to develop and administer the proposed SCVP project. The description shall include a list of all participants in the collaborative group (such as school and district staff, parents, students, law enforcement agencies and community organizations) which helped plan the project, and which will participate in on-going project operations.

(2) Letters of agreement or memoranda of understanding between the LEA and any law enforcement agency and/or community organization(s) which will take an active part in carrying out or administering the proposed project. The letter(s) must describe how the partner agency and/or organization(s) will participate in the project.

(3) An application that is individualized and specific to the school site or sites that are in need of the proposed funding.

(4) A current school safety needs analysis conducted by the collaborative group. Data from the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) and/or the California Student Survey (CSS) and from the Uniform Management Information and Reporting System (UMIRS) must be included in the needs analysis.

(5) A description of the current violence prevention efforts at the site or sites, including a description of how other violence prevention funds are used to meet the identified needs. The proposed violence prevention plan shall address needs which are not being met by the violence prevention activities funded by existing fund sources.

(6) A proposed plan that consists of a primary prevention program; or a combination of a primary prevention program, supplemental prevention activities, and/or intervention activities; which address the problems identified in the needs analysis.

(7) A description of the manner in which the project staff will track process and outcome measures to determine if the project is progressing as planned and on schedule, and a description of the manner in which the project collaborative will review this information and use it to keep the project on track.

(8) A section describing how the proposed violence prevention program will be continued after the end of the grant period.

(9) A proposed project plan that identifies a project coordinator position responsible for overall coordination of project activities, for documenting project activities, and for providing required reports. The amount of staff time budgeted for the coordinator position shall be justified in the grant application.

(10) A line item budget and an explanatory narrative. Each budget item shall be explained with a computation based upon the unit cost of the purchased item. The budget shall include funds for the required independent audits of the use of funds. The budget shall also contain funds for attendance at training and networking conferences sponsored by the S/LEP.

(11) An assurance that independent audits will be conducted of the grant recipient's use of the SCVP funds. The purpose of the audits will be to determine if the funds have been used as required by law and regulation and as stated in the grant recipient's application.

(12) Applicant LEAs shall download and print the "General Assurances" (revised June, 2007) and "Drug Free Workplace" (revised June, 2007) forms from the California Department of Education (CDE) "funding forms" web page (http:// These documents, which are incorporated by reference, shall be submitted with the application.

(f) Applications shall meet the following technical requirements:

(1) An original SCVP grant application and four copies shall be submitted.

(2) The original application shall include all original signatures in blue ink.

(3) A letter of agreement or memorandum of understanding is considered current if dated after the immediately preceding June 1.

(4) The application shall be in 12-point or greater Arial font, single-spaced, with one-inch minimum margins. Applicants may use 10-point Arial font on tables, charts, or boxes. The S/LEP will screen applications that do not comply with these requirements. If smaller font sizes or margins are used in an application, the S/LEP shall compute the number of excess characters added to the application as a result, and draw a red line through the extra characters. Application reviewers shall not be allowed to use the red-lined characters in the application review.

(5) The application shall be submitted on standard white, 8 1/2 by 11-inch paper. The narrative section shall not exceed 20 pages. If the narrative section exceeds 20 pages, the S/LEP will draw a red line through the extra pages and will not allow application raters to look at those pages.

(6) The application shall be stapled or clipped together for submission.

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