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School Community Violence Prevention Program. Reviewing SCVP Grant Applications.   

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(a) Each application will be screened by the S/LEP to ensure that it contains all required elements.

(b) Each application passing the screening process shall be reviewed by a panel of raters selected by the S/LEP. Each application will be evaluated for compliance with applicable statutes and these regulations, and for the degree to which the application provides:

(1) a demonstration of high levels of involvement of school staff, law enforcement, students, parents, and community organizations in developing and implementing the SCVP project.

(2) a comprehensive and clear needs analysis completed by the collaborative group that makes a compelling case for the need for violence prevention services.

(3) a proposed violence prevention program that: is likely to be effective in addressing the identified needs; is closely coordinated with current violence prevention efforts at the site; contains a plan for tracking the implementation of the project and keeping the project on track; and contains clear and convincing plans for the involvement of the collaborative group in the ongoing operation of the project.

(4) a detailed budget that reasonably reflects the proposed project.

(c) Applications shall be ranked in accordance with the evaluation described in subdivision (b) and shall be funded in accordance with their rank.

(d) A grant applicant that chooses to appeal the results of the grant application process shall file a written appeal to the S/LEP within five working days of the announcement of the results. Protests shall be limited to the grounds that the S/LEP failed to correctly apply the process for reviewing the applications as specified in these regulations. The S/LEP shall review the appeal and determine if the S/LEP failed to correctly apply the grant application and review process. The decision of the S/LEP shall be the final administrative action afforded the appellant.

(e) Grant awards shall be limited to the amount for which the LEA applied. If the applicant does not justify all proposed budget items, the grant amount shall be reduced by the amount of the unjustified budget items.

(f) In the event that the total amount of all funded grants exceeds the available funds, the S/LEP shall reduce all funded grants by an identical percentage, so that the total funds awarded equals the available funds.

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(Amended by Register 2007, No. 31.)