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School Community Violence Prevention Program. School Safety and Violence Prevention Training Grant.   

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(a) The S/LEP shall award a maximum of $400,000 per year of the annual SCVP appropriation for one grant to a county office of education for the purpose of providing statewide and regional training in school safety and violence prevention methods. The grant period shall be a maximum of five years in duration.

(b) The S/LEP shall issue an advance of not more than $50,000 to the grant recipient upon the award of the grant. The remaining funds shall be issued to the grant recipient as reimbursement for authorized expenditures, upon receipt of an invoice from the accounting office of the grant recipient. Invoices shall be submitted quarterly to the S/LEP staff. Invoices for payment are subject to review and approval by the S/LEP staff.

(c) Applications for the School Safety and Violence Prevention Training Grant shall be submitted no later than March 1 of a year in which the grant will be awarded. Applications for grant funds shall contain the following elements:

(1) The application shall describe the applicant's ability and experience to coordinate a statewide training program, including arranging for the delivery of training throughout the 11 established CDE regional training areas.

(2) The application shall contain a comprehensive plan for administering the training grant that includes, but is not limited to, how the applicant will: schedule and arrange for delivery of a specified number of regional trainings; secure experienced trainers; reimburse the trainers for travel expenses; sponsor and present an orientation and update meeting for the 11 regional training coordinators; conduct a focus group of trainers, coordinators, and S/LEP staff to revise and update the training materials; purchase necessary training materials; evaluate the training; coordinate an annual meeting among S/LEP staff and the 11 LEA regional training coordinators; and maintain regular contact with S/LEP state staff.

(3) The application shall contain a line item budget, along with an explanatory narrative.

(4) The application shall contain an assurance that an independent audit will be conducted in years two and four of the grant recipient's use of the funds. The purpose of the audit shall be to determine if the funds have been used as required by the law and regulation and as stated in the grant recipient's application.

(5) Applicants shall download and print the "General Assurances" (revised June, 2007) and "Drug Free Workplace" (revised June, 2007) forms from the CDE's "funding forms" web page (http://www.cde. These documents, which are incorporated by reference, shall be submitted with the application.

(6) Applications shall meet the following technical requirements:

(A) An original grant application and four copies shall be submitted.

(B) The original application shall include all original signatures in blue ink.

(C) The application shall be in 12-point or greater Arial font, single-spaced, with one-inch minimum margins. If smaller font sizes or margins are used in an application, the S/LEP shall compute the number of excess characters added to the application as a result, and draw a red line through the extra characters. Application reviewers shall not be allowed to use the red-lined characters in the application review.

(D) The application shall be submitted on standard white, 8 1/2 X 11-inch paper. The narrative section shall not exceed 10 pages. If the narrative exceeds 10 pages, the S/LEP will draw a red line through the extra pages and will not allow application raters to look at those pages.

(E) Applications shall be stapled or clipped together for submission.

(d) Each application shall be screened by the S/LEP to ensure that it contains all required elements. Each application passing the screening process shall be evaluated for compliance with applicable statutes and these regulations, and for the degree to which the application provides:

(1) a clear demonstration of the applicant's extensive experience in developing, implementing, and coordinating regional training projects throughout the state.

(2) a plan of administering the grant that contains enough specific detail to assure that the applicant is capable of successfully implementing a training program that includes: recruitment and training of knowledgeable trainers; revision and update of training materials; the scheduling of trainings and obtaining of training facilities; the evaluation of the training program; the administration of the financial aspects of the program including reimbursing trainers; and the presentation of annual conferences for staff development and for updating of the training program.

(3) a detailed budget that reasonably reflects the proposed project.

(e) Applications will be ranked in accordance with the evaluation described in subdivision (d) and shall be funded in accordance with their rank.

(f) A grant applicant that chooses to appeal the results of the grant application process shall file a written appeal to the S/LEP within five working days of the announcement of the results. Protests shall be limited to the grounds that the S/LEP failed to correctly apply the process for reviewing the applications as specified in these regulations. The S/LEP shall review the appeal and determine if the S/LEP failed to correctly apply the process for reviewing applications. The decision of the S/LEP shall be the final administrative action afforded the appellant.

(g) Training grant funds may be used for: Salaries and benefits for the statewide coordinator, regional training coordinators, and clerical support personnel; travel costs for regional trainings and for statewide meetings and trainings for the statewide and regional training coordinators and trainers; training materials, miscellaneous supplies directly related to the trainings; services and operating costs, including rental of training rooms; indirect cost not to exceed the indirect cost rate annually assigned to the grant recipient by CDE; and audit costs. Training grant funds may not be used for: Out-of-state travel; acquisition, rents, leases and utilities for facilities (except rentals of training rooms); or purchases of vehicles.

(h) Grant funds shall be used in accordance with law and these regulations and as proposed in the approved application or a budget revision approved by the S/LEP.

(i) Without prior approval from the S/LEP, budget adjustments shall be made of no more than $500, or ten percent of the line item from which the funds are being moved, whichever is greater.

(j) The grant recipient shall submit an annual report containing a progress report on the implementation of the program described in the grant application, a description of program activities, and an evaluation of the effectiveness of the training sessions which have been provided. If adequate progress in implementation of the grant program is not demonstrated via annual reports, site visits, or other means, the S/LEP may terminate the grant award and provide no further grant funding.

(k) Grant recipients shall maintain accounting records and other evidence pertaining to costs incurred during the grant award period and thereafter for five full years from the date of the final payment of grant funds. The S/LEP shall be permitted to audit, review, and inspect the activities, books, documents, papers, and records relating to the grant during the progress of the work and for five years following final allocation of funds.

(l) Funds shall be issued to the grant recipient as reimbursement for authorized expenditures, upon receipt of an invoice from the accounting office of the grantee. Invoices for payment are subject to review and approval by S/LEP staff. Reimbursements shall not be processed if annual reporting requirements have not been met. Final invoices shall be submitted within four months of the end of the grant period.

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